coffee roasting best practises table of contents
coffee roasting best practises table of contents 2
Preface for coffee roasting best practises
Rate of rise in roasting coffee
Basic Gas Management for Coffee roasting

Coffee Roasting: Best Practices by Scott Rao

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Mr Rao is an innovator with a willingness to question the coffee establishment. In his quest for truth, Scott takes the reader on a journey of scrutiny using empirical science to put everything under the microscope; the probes we use, the software, to flick or not to flick, to long-held beliefs such as 'development' and what is '1st crack'. 

From the Author:

Coffee Roasting: Best Practices is the culmination of Scott's 25 years roasting and consulting. It's an advanced guide intended for expert-level coffee roasting.

This coffee roasting book focuses primarily on advanced techniques to craft and control roast curves, with numerous pages devoted to strategies to avoid rate of rise "ROR" crashes and flicks, baked coffee, unnecessary roasty-ness, and other roast defects.

This book will help set the standard for coffee roasting methodology especially within the 3rd wave movement of coffee.

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