Tea Foundations - Vancouver

Tea Foundations - Vancouver

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Duration: 4 hours
Prerequisite: No prior experience required

This practical and fun workshop will be hands on and interactive involving all your senses.

In this class we pull back the curtain and reveal the real truth about tea for business owners, baristas and consumers.

Topics covered:

  • Basic tea agronomy, processing, fermentation/oxidation
  • Tea Types
  • Tasting exercises
  • Understanding your palate
  • How to talk about tea flavours / profiles
  • Blind Cupping
  • Comparative Cupping
  • Cupping for quality
  • Choosing a Tea distributor
  • Fundamental theories of Tea Preparation
  • Tea equipment
  • How to serve tea in a fast paced setting
  • Milk texturing principals for tea latte, london fogs, green tea latte, chai latte, dirty chai...
  • Basics of beverage preparation
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Why do people drink tea?

This class is not regularly scheduled. 
Please indicate your interest through purchasing the class, notify us with the particular days of the week that best suit your schedule and we will respond to you shortly. Thanks!

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