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White Eagle

White Eagle

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The majestic VA358 White Eagle is Victoria Arduino’s latest offering to the specialty coffee industry. This incredibly versatile machine comes standard with raised groups to allow large to-go cups to be used without having to transfer the shot from a smaller cup. The Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit comes equipped with the TFT digital interface for easy adjustment, and either two or three group heads which are supplied by proven heat exchange technology.

  • T3 Technology: Using T3 Technology one can independently set the temperature for each group head. Allowing different blends to be customized in the machine.
  • Volumetric Dosing: Up to 4 doses can be programmed per head.
  • Shot Timer: With a built in shot timer function, each brewing head can be timed independently without the need for an external timer.
  • Automatic Cleaning: The White Eagle allows independent automatic cleaning of each individual group. Meaning that washing and taking orders can be carried out simultaneously. No longer does one need to wait till the end of the day at the possibly risk of coffee quality.
  • Energy Saving:The White Eagle can be programmed to turn on and off at any time you desire. Saving energy and time.
  • Reverse mirror: With the reverse mirror, the barista can now watch the coffee filter output without bending down. A little foresight that will be appreciated by all of those who use it.
  • Cool Touch: The Cool Touch steam lever is thermally insulated to be safe for the barista and easy to clean.

Cost:Please note that the prices reflected here are at full Retail, not discounted. Depending on what and how much you purchase, we can provide you with our student wholesale discount upon request.

Shipping and Delivery Timing: Your specific location for delivery and espresso machine selection may be affected by lead time and delivery cost. Please check with us by email or phone to get the full picture and associated shipping costs.

More accessories to consider:

Black Cloth:

Brown Cloth:

White Cloth:

Weighing Scale that has the correct physical dimension to set a portabasket handle onto it as well as has a resolution of .01 gram:

Water Filtration: you will read in your espresso machine and batch brew machine operations manual that you do not want to have more then 50 ppm. depending on where you are located your water can be very hard on the machines and this is why it is so important to use an RO system , or countertop BWT jug etc,. You will need to decide what is best based on your location. Basically make sure your water does not exceed the recommended guidelines in the operations manual. 

Warranty Covered by Manufacturer/Distributor. Contact Details will be provided 

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