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Barista Job-Ready Level 1 - Calgary

Barista Job-Ready Level 1 - Calgary

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Duration: 4 hours
Prerequisite: No experience required
Maximum Class Size: Limited to 6,  pre-registration required
Prerequisite: No prior experience required

Coffee shops are the meeting outposts of our neighbourhoods and offices. To our youth it's often their first job. It’s important to instil a solid work ethic, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence that they will carry with them to whatever career they choose later on in life. If they choose to pursue a coffee career, it is very rewarding with many upward opportunities and a cool way to spend the summer.

Come learn barista skills and fundamentals of coffee tasting, espresso and latte art, with world-class instructors!

These classes are fun, hands on and interactive using all your senses to teach you the fundamentals of good coffee bar practices through step by step instructions written and hands-on.

Some Topics covered:

  • Coffee myths
  • Fundamental theories of Espresso Preparation
  • Espresso equipment
  • Essentials of espresso
  • Consistency - producing a technically correct drink
  • How to grind, dose and tamp
  • Milk texturing principals
  • Basics of beverage preparation
  • Machine Cleaning

Included with your class is :

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