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Coffee Shop Kit (white eagle)

Coffee Shop Kit (white eagle)

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Cost: Please note that the prices reflected here are at full Retail, not discounted. Depending on what and how much you purchase, we can provide you with our student wholesale discount upon request.

Shipping and Delivery Timing: Your specific location for delivery and espresso machine selection may be affected by lead time and delivery cost. Please check with us by email or phone to get the full picture and associated shipping costs.

Coffee Shop Kit Includes*:

Espresso Machine

  • 1 x Victoria Arduino White Eagle - 2 Group

Espresso Grinder

  • 2 x Nuova Simonelli Mythos Clima Pro 


    • 1 x Espresso tamping mat by 'Krome' with edge holder 
    • 1 x Knock Box (in counter no bottom square) 
    • 2 x C011 Tamper, 58mm with black handle by 'Krome' 


    • 8 x Shot glass, measured, 2oz


    • 1 x Puly Coffee Machine Cleaner 570g
    • 1 x Group brush, nylon cleaning brush by DVG

      NOT INCLUDED in the Coffee Shop Kit:


      • 12 oz, 350 ml Steaming Milk Pitcher x4
      • 20 oz, 600 ml Steaming Milk Pitcher x8 
      • 30 oz, 900 ml Steaming Milk Pitcher x4
      • Pitcher Rinser x2

      Water Filtration

      • Omnipure 3 Stage Water Filter x 2 

      Drip Batch Brewer

      • Bunn Single Brewer TF 
      • Coffee Filters
      • Bunn G1 Grinder with liftswitch (Bulk Grinder)

      Dish Washer

      • Krupps K540E-A


      • 12 ounce Americano cup
      • 12 ounce Latte cup & saucer
      • 6 ounce Cappuccino cup & saucer
      • 1 ounce Espresso cup & saucer
      • Tea Cup and Plate


      • Rapid Cook Oven (Combi, TurboChef, MerryChef)
      • NS-P1L single plate Panini grill
      • NS-P2L double plate Panini grill
      • Blender
      • Ovens/toasters/other cooking devices Sandwich Prep Table


      • Grab and Go
      • Reach-In Refrigerator
      • Undercounter or Worktop Refrigeration
      • Hoshizaki Ice Maker


      • Condiment Organizer
      • Sugar Pourer, Creamer
      • Cup, Lid, and Straw Organizers
      • Coffee and Beverage Labeling
      • Aprons
      • Retail Merchandisers
      • Countertop Display Case (Sneeze Guard)
      • Bakery Display Case
      • Gelato / Ice Cream Case and Accessories

      Disposable Coffee Shop Supplies

      • Paper Hot Cups and Lids
      • Plastic Cups and Lids
      • Custom Coffee Sleeves
      • Straws and Stirrers
      • Napkins
      • Take-Out Cup Carriers
      • Plastic Flatware


      • Weighing Scale(s)
      • Syrup Pump and Pourers
      • Choose Your Coffee Roaster and Milk Supplier
      • Cafe POS system and a cash register
      • Security system
      • Storage and shelving systems
      • Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

      Tea Service

      • Tea Dispenser / Brewers / Pot / Press Pot


      • Whole Leaf or Bag Teas
      • Syrups, Sugar packets
      • Whole Bean Coffee

      More accessories to consider buying on Amazon to complete your coffee shop kit:

      Black Cloth:

      Brown Cloth:

      White Cloth:

      Weighing Scale that has the correct physical dimension to set a portabasket handle onto it as well as has a resolution of .01 gram:


      Water Filtration: you will read in your espresso machine and batch brew machine operations manual that you do not want to have more then 50 ppm. depending on where you are located your water can be very hard on the machines and this is why it is so important to use an RO system , or countertop BWT jug etc,. You will need to decide what is best based on your location. Basically make sure your water does not exceed the recommended guidelines in the operations manual. 

      Warranty Covered by Manufacturer/Distributor. Contact Details will be provided 

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