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Nuova Simonelli MDH Grinder

Nuova Simonelli MDH Grinder

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The MDH is a semi-professional espresso grinder. Being an on demand grinder the MDH has been built on the standard of fresh coffee in a timely manner. Making this grinder ideal for those who are passionate about great coffee. Download the brochure here.


Simple and intuitive grind adjustment with a high powered commercial grade electric motor which is capable of delivering fresh ground espresso in a matter of seconds.

Stainless steel 50mm burrs have the ability to grind up to 650 pounds of coffee before requiring replacement (depending on the bean this may vary). This grinder is capable of holding the portafilter while it is dosing, meaning that the barista can operate other equipment during the grinding process and a transparent bean hopper that is both compact and can hold 1.5 lb beans fitting under almost any counter. See specs here.

Cost:Please note that the prices reflected here are at full Retail, not discounted. Depending on what and how much you purchase, we can provide you with our student wholesale discount upon request.

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