French press coffee recipe

French Press Coffee Recipe

  1. Add ground coffee to your french press. Your guide is to use 60 grams per liter of water. Depending on your french press size, you will need to adjust accordingly.
  2. Add 203 F hot water. Without a thermometer, just let the kettle boil, then turn it off, count to 30 seconds and add it to the grounds, the temperature will be very close to 203F.
  3. Start your timer. Pour water onto grounds. Total brewing time is somewhere between 4-6 minutes.
  4. Plunge your French Press, somewhere between 4 and 6 minutes and immediately pour the coffee into cups and serve immediately. Please note, the longer the coffee is in contact with the grounds, sitting in the French Press, the more extraction will happen, possibly spoiling the flavour. 

Follow these 3 simple rules to make artisan cafe quality coffee every time.

  1. Buy FRESH whole bean coffee within 3 to 14 days from the roasting date.
  2. Only buy from coffee roasters that use a BIRTH DATE on the bag.
  3. And please, do not buy coffee with a best before date, this is really known as a DEATH DATE.

Buying coffee from a third wave coffee roaster will be very close to the same cost as stale coffee from a grocery store. It will actually save you money, especially, if you have been unknowingly paying for stale ‘premium’ coffee , or coffee in pod form.

Over time, with your tasting notes and brewing times recorded, you will learn through trial and error how to make better tasting coffee. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below or use the contact us link. 

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