Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we are not equipment dealers or coffee roasters. We know there are schools out there with a hidden agenda to sell you tens of thousands of dollars in equipment or a wholesale coffee contract.

Whether you choose to take classes from us or not, one of the first questions you should ask of any school is " do you sell equipment or coffee? "  In other words are you paying for instruction or a sales pitch? Will you be taught how to taste all coffee or just their coffee? Will they tell you any of the shortcomings or problems with their coffee machines?

Our classes are purely instructional. We do not have anything to gain financially from anything you choose to buy in the future.

We will give you our unbiased, objective opinion on technology and coffees out there. This doesn't make us popular with some in the industry but our loyalty is to you, the student.

Our only business is teaching. Even if you want to buy things from us we have nothing to sell to you.

If any manufacturer or roaster offers us a commission we use it to fund those in need through our "Changing Lives through Coffee" program and also ask them to pass it onto our students in the form of a discount, this way the power of group buying through our thousands of students is passed onto our graduates.