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Foster Roaster & Barista Support Program for Exclusive Business Student Alumni

Foster Roaster & Barista Support Program for Exclusive Business Student Alumni

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Our Foster Barista Support Program is exclusively offered to our Business students-Alumni only. It is an after class service we offer by phone, video conference, in-person and email. 

Most franchises ask you for an upfront fee between 100K and 300K, along with a monthly royalty fee between 9 and 12% off the top of your sales no matter if you are making money or not. We could easily sell franchises to our students but we don't do that. Instead we mentor and apprentice our students for a fee, until you decide you are ready to spread your wings and run your own coffee shop on your own. We don't do this for everyone, you have to qualify for it.

Whatever you need to talk about we are here to help support, council you through your business decisions, setup and daily operations.

Some possible topics of discussion you may be interested in:

  • Layout Design
  • Barista Training Questions
  • Machine Selection and Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Grinder 101, Espresso diagnostics, Drip Coffee & Latte Art
  • POS & Cash Handling
  • Customer Service & Culture
  • Food Handling, Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Equipment Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Merchandising & Sales Analysis
  • Develop Opening & Closing Sheets
  • Inventory & Re-ordering

Some areas for Coffee Roasting discussion: 

  • Equipment, safety procedures and physical processes
  • Overview of green coffee and analysis; single origin, fair trade organic, packaging, suppliers and business
  • Profile roasting, Roast profile variables, development, three phases and analysis
  • Roasting for Espresso, Drip, Pour Over for retail and/or commercial scale
  • Consistency, cupping, solubility testing and quality control
  • Inventory and production management

If you are interested in personalized business consulting services we offer unbiased information and strategies for your coffee business to meet its highest potential.

Once purchased you can take as long as you want to use your retainer with our services.

Contact us to create a custom retainer amount.

Disclaimer: this is not an offer. You must qualify to buy this. If you want to be considered for this, then reach out to discuss. 

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