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Layout, Design and Menu Planning for Coffee Businesses

Layout, Design and Menu Planning for Coffee Businesses

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Prerequisite: Opening a Coffee Business Course (2 days) and research(*see below) from the course completed.
Location: This is a private consultation that you can choose to be Online, In-person or over the phone.
Duration: One 5 hour day with 3 x 1 hour follow ups. 
Curriculum: If you, your architect or your designer have not worked in a busy, high volume, efficient coffee shop, then why are you making critical layout and menu decisions?

The process of opening a business can be very stressful. Every location is different and every concept is unique. Your floor plan, design and menu should reflect that and be closely related to your dreams and the dimensions of your space.

When planning your cafe there are many questions to ask yourself, here are just a couple to get you started:

  • How should the customer flow ?
  • How should the back bar be designed ?

We have real world coffee shop experience. And, we ask you only the questions that matter. For example, we will need to know more about your Vision, how you decided what you would want to serve and why...

Without that information you can't decide what machines you need, where they should be installed, how many electrical plugs you will need and where.

Remember, that your dream is unique and not a franchise , so you will need to design for that. 

Given the opportunity, many people choose to design their own personal kitchen when renovating or building their own home. Deciding where you put your fridge, your spice cabinet, and designing for optimal workflow is dependent on past experiences and personal feelings of what you like. Your home design is very personal.

It doesn’t really matter if you make mistakes in your home design because you do not have time pressure and paying customers waiting for you. It is very different from a commercial coffee shop experience. However, most people tell us this is exactly why they are designing their own cafe, because they did it in their own home before.

*Research, Very Important, You Need to do this: Send us an email that includes your market research, menu, floor plan, the power available confirmed by an electrician, architectural drawings and photos of the interior. Please include a short paragraph of what your dream / vision is for your cafe. After we have reviewed your materials, we will coordinate with you a mutually agreed upon time for the private consulting. This information package that we are requesting from you is exactly what you would learn from us how to do in the business course. 

Upon request, we can assist you with research if you do not have some of the required documents completed. We are happy to help! 

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