Opening a Coffee Shop Curriculum

Our recommended minimum curriculum for learning how to open your own business consists of attending our Opening a Coffee Business course and Complete barista training classes.

It is best that you attend the barista classes even if you don’t plan to work as a barista. You may be thinking that you will hire baristas and just manage the business. When you know the fundamentals of working as a barista then you can also help troubleshoot problems on the bar, fill in when someone doesn’t show up for work and step in when your cafe gets overwhelmingly busy and you are needed.

Most entrepreneurs tell us that before they took the courses they believed the latest trends, the right decor and most beautiful fancy equipment are all they needed to have a successful cafe.

That kind of thinking is part of a bigger problem where most, approximately 80% of all new cafes that open will fail. Because, owning and operating a cafe is much more than buying the latest trends and requires precise training from seasoned professionals.