Approved by Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy

The biggest question we get from new and old cafes owners is what coffee roaster should they carry in their shop for both on the shelf retail (whole bean) as well as for serving their customers batch brewed drip coffee and espresso-based beverages?

Since our inception in 2001 we have never played favourites, but, obviously we have a list of roasters that fulfill our internal criteria for a 3rd wave standard. In doing so, we want to publicize and reward those coffee roaster businesses for upholding the banner of 3rd wave.

This is a tough list to get onto and roasters can easily be removed when found not to be following the criteria. If you believe that some on this list may be in question to whether or not they are upholding the standard, then please feel free to contact us directly. It is not our intention to give bad reviews. If your business is rejected, we promise to never publicize it. The results will always be held in full confidence.

For a coffee roaster to be voted off the list the Approved Business Committee, which is made up of coffee professional peers will conduct a meeting and proceed to a vote with all existing roasters on the list.

Just to be clear, we don’t sell coffee and don’t get anything in the form of kickbacks, commissions or play politics from making this list. We simply want people to spend their money and daily caffeine quota on good coffee, and this list is good coffee.

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Approved Coffee Roaster  

Moonshine Coffee Roaster
Social Coffee and Tea Company Roaster Canada
Barren Ground Coffee Roasters
French Press Coffee Roasters Vancouver Island
Laker Coffee Roaster Edmonton
Rosso Coffee Roaster
Detour Coffee Roasters Canada
Rocanini Coffee Roasters Wholesale

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Ottawa Coffee Fest
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