Park, Stay and Travel to the Vancouver Campus

Our Vancouver location operates out of ECM Coffee Machines training facility. And, from time to time we will operate classes, such as Barista trainings, Business courses and Coffee Roasting from satellite campuses British Columbia and surrounding provinces and territories upon request. 

Our entrance for the training lab is located on the rear side of the building at 3711 1st Ave, with parking.

Registration can be completed online or by phone only (please do not call ECM for bookings)

Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy - Vancouver Campus
3711 1st Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5C 3V6 (click for directions)

Vancouver Campus Address

Taking Skytrain Transit Maps

Gilmore Skytrain Station to Vancouver Coffee Academy

Gilmore Skytrain Station to Academy:

Depending on the time of day, you can take the #129 bus from Gilmore station to the Academy and arrive within 5 minutes. If you prefer to walk it is about 15 minutes by foot. 

Rupert Skytrain to Barista School

Rupert Skytrain Station nearby Academy:

Depending on the time of day, you can take the #9 bus from Rupert station to the Boundary loop and then proceed to walk to the Academy and arrive within 8 minutes. If you prefer to walk from start to finish it is about 20 minutes by foot. 

Parking your Car: 

Parking at Vancouver Coffee Academy


Accents Inn - Burnaby, click here for more info.  

Executive Suites - Burnaby, click here to learn more. 

Two separate AirBnB hosts. Both hosts offer a student preferred rate. Click here to learn more.

Food for Class:

You don't really need to have your daily coffee before class unless you can't function without it as you will be given ample opportunity to make and drink many coffees during the classes. We also recommend that you consider bringing some snacks, drinks, whatever would make you most comfortable. When it comes to lunch, we recommend that you bring a brown bag lunch and not go out for lunch so you don't need to leave the classroom. Often times students will lose time in the classroom because the restaurant they went to was busy.

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