Changing Lives Through Coffee

The Canadian Barista Institute is a social enterprise whose goal is to empower people economically and socially through coffee education.

There are a couple of ways we are accomplishing this. The first way is through our in-school and online classes that teach students the fundamentals required to be a successful coffee shop operator and barista.

The second way is through our Changing Lives Through Coffee program. This program provides our coffee education programs at subsidized rates to people who are living in homelessness or low-income situations, so they can gain knowledge and new skills, apply for work, earn a living and thrive in society.

Some of the groups we support include at-risk youth, at-risk women, new immigrants, prisoners undergoing rehabilitation and members of under-served communities.

“Highly recommend this place! My experience with them was absolutely amazing.” Kinga Mahboubian, student supported by the Immigrant Services Society of BC 

“It’s awesome, hands-on learning. We’ll definitely keep coming back.” Matthew Friesen, teacher, Tupper Nova program

“Out of our 8 students, 4 have already completed their resumes and are working with staff to gain employment in various neighbouring coffee shops.” Nathan Hambly, Youth & Family Worker, Vancouver School Board  

"They made the course both accessible and practical. We are grateful for their partnership!" April Klassen, YWCA Vancouver Facilitator

Money to fund the Changing Lives Through Coffee program is generated from discounts through our Student Wholesale Buying Club, a service available to all past and present alumni which allows students to purchase items at a group discount.