Allied Businesses

Allied Businesses of the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy follow a simple and basic framework.

It is an in-formal relationship among businesses established for the specific purpose to improve customer service and in some cases to reduce costs for our students and Alumni.

Since our inception in 2001, we have never played favourites, and in doing so, we have amassed a list of allied businesses that fulfill our internal criteria and standard.

This is a tough list to get onto and businesses can easily be removed when found not to be following the criteria.

If you believe that some on this list may be in question to whether or not they are upholding a high standard, then please feel free to contact us directly.

For a business to be voted off the Allied Business list the Approved Business Committee, which is made up of coffee professional peers will conduct a meeting and proceed to a vote.

Just to be clear, we don’t sell any products from any of the Allied Businesses and do not get anything in the form of kickbacks, commissions or play politics from making this list.

Contact us to learn more about being an Allied Business.

Root 86 Coffee Roaster for sale and Green Coffee Wholesale
Coffee and Tea Show
BeanStock Coffee Festival Canada
ECM espresso coffee machine dealership Mountain Coffee Ltd.
Nuova Simonelli Espresso Coffee machine manufacturer Mahlkonig coffee grinders
Dalla Corte espresso coffee machines and grinders manufacturer   Zuccarini coffee machines and grinders
Rancilio coffee barista machinery
Breville thought for food
Vivonet point of sales Supramatic super automatic espresso coffee machines
Tea Association Course
Starbeat TV Latte Art Contests

Local Hotels and Accommodations that offer Canadian Barista Academy students a preferred rate:

Holiday Inn Richmond British Columbia My Planet MiTierra Holidays and Cruises
Kimpton Hotel Toronto
Rose Garden Bed and Breakfast
Executive Suites Hotel and Resort Madison Manor Boutique Hotel Toronto
Accents Inn Burnaby British Columbia Canada Clinton and Bloor Bed and Brakfast in Toronto