About us

The Canadian Barista Academy was founded in 2001, by the sanctioned organizers of the Canadian Barista Championships. The Academy was created to run the championship by organizing volunteers and training judges for the competition.

In order to finance these activities, we organized a seminar workshop held once a year to raise funds to subsidize the budgets.

The growing popularity of the Canadian Barista Championships, led to an expansion to four Canadian Regional Championships. Regional seminar workshops accompanied these events to finance infrastructure such as the live stream broadcasts.

To our surprise, we started receiving requests from across Canada asking us "When is your next class?" and "When are you coming back to our city?" "Do I have to wait for next year?"

We realized there was a need for a neutral, unaffiliated, academic and educational organization to push the Canadian coffee industry standards forward.

Canadian Barista Academy Today

Currently the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy has three permanent campuses located in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. And, when requested, we teach in many other towns and cities across Canada.

Our Coffee Mission

We are a group of dedicated coffee professionals and educators with a commitment to help people succeed in opening their coffee shops and to teach people who want to work in the industry, solid fundamental skills.

It all started with the first Canadian Barista Championships, which along with the World Barista Championships, jump-started the quality specialty coffee around the world. Our curriculum has been closely based on techniques and principles which are effective in competition. These very principles and techniques also happen to be effective for coffee shops, which then led to the spread of Artisan coffee shops world wide.

Because we have been doing this since 2001, we have found the most efficient and effective ways of passing on these skills. We are committed to growing the Artisan Coffee movement in Canada,  and this is why we actively share all our knowledge to all those who pursue coffee excellence.

We don’t have any alternative motives in our course offerings.  We do not want to sell you anything nor will we one day compete against your coffee business. 

Our objective is to educate - we simply want to improve coffee quality in Canada, one cup at a time.