Park, Stay and Travel to the Calgary Campus

Our Calgary location operates out of ECM Coffee Machines training facility. And, from time to time we will operate courses, such as Coffee Roasting, business and barista classes from satellite campuses in Alberta and surrounding provinces and territories. We can also offer in-cafe and roastery trainings upon request.

To reserve your spot in the classroom, registration can be completed online through the website only (please do not call ECM for bookings)

Canadian Barista Institute - Calgary Campus
629 36 Ave NE Unit B, Calgary, AB T2E 2L8 (click for directions)

Places to Stay

Please also checkout AirBnB for the closest spots to stay.

Parking your Car

You can park your car for free, out front and / or along the west (right) side of the building. Watch the video for more specific instructions.

Food for Class

Having your daily coffee before class is not necessary, unless it's essential for your functioning. During our classes, you will have plenty of opportunities to make and enjoy numerous cups of coffee. We also suggest considering bringing snacks and drinks that will make you feel more comfortable. If you're looking for lunch ideas while attending our course, here is a list of nearby restaurants. However, please note that we neither endorse these establishments nor guarantee their operating hours. To maximize your learning time, we recommend bringing a lunch instead of going out for lunch, as leaving the classroom can sometimes result in lost class time due to busy restaurants.

Taking Transit

You can plan your trip by bus and train by using the Calgary Transit website. Follow this link and type " Canadian Barista Institute - Calgary Campus, 36 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB, Canada " into their search box to get a number of options for transportation:

Here is a short video of the interior of the Calgary Campus: 

Calgary Coffee Academy
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