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Your Foodservice Coffee Program Needs Help

How many 12 ounce takeaway coffees do you sell at your restaurant each day? Is it somewhere below 30 cups a day?

Did you know most independent coffee shops sell between 200 and 1000 cups each day?

Why aren't you? 

The answer is the same for why I don't buy a steak at a coffee shop because baristas normally don't have the training to grill a steak properly. Most consumers don't believe it is possible to have quality coffee from a restaurant. It's time to change that!

Most restaurants believe the solution is simple. Just buy the best espresso machine, grinder and highest quality beans and your sales will increase. This is important, but, no chef in their right mind would ever think they could be a quality baker just because they have the best oven and finest flour, but, somehow this logic doesn't apply to their coffee program. (read more here)

We're offering a solution: send your staff—bartenders, waitresses, cooks, dishwashers, bussers, concierges—for a specialized barista training. Plus, take advantage of our limited-time offer: 25% off our restaurant training program (discount not applicable to already discounted courses).Reach out to us by email today with your business details to receive this exclusive discount offer.

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