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Opening a Coffee Shop (2days) - Online

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Prerequisite: No prior experience required

Class Times: 2 days consecutively, 3.5 hours class each day. 

Business is much more complicated then in past decades. You are now competing against people and large chain businesses that have much more sophisticated ways of collecting and analyzing data to compete against you and make their decisions. We are here to teach you to manage your risk and increase your chances for success by teaching you the science of business versus relying on feeling and gut instincts which is what most independent entrepreneurs do. 

We understand the challenges that you face in this pandemic economy. Understandably, you may be feeling apprehension with your coffee shop project.

The harsh reality is, just like what is happening on our financial markets today, from this pandemic there will emerge some opportunities. 

Some coffee shops or retail lease locations may suddenly come available.  So our best advice to you is to do some homework during this social distancing period and be ready when we all emerge safely from all this. 

This online course is designed to accelerate your projects to allow you to be more prepared to jump at opportunities as they arise. We will answer all your questions with personalized advice and take you through our most important coffee business course content, for both new startups, purchasing existing businesses and for those owners and operators that want guidance on navigating out of this very difficult time.

This online course is meant to facilitate our ever changing world with social distancing and relieve any undue pressure that your time-sensitive projects can produce and covers the same content as our in-person Opening a Coffee Business Course with exception to the Coffee Tasting Course. 

Class Agenda: 

  • Overview of the Canadian Coffee Market
  • Customer Expectations and Service Model
  • How to Gather Intelligence 
  • Product Knowledge
  • Creating Your Vision with Clarity
  • The Menu And Your Equipment
  • Equipment Budget, Buildout, Case Studies
  • How to Choose a Coffee Roaster for your shop
  • Branding, Marketing
  • Freshness
  • Q & A,
  • And so much more..

Maximum Class Size: Limited to 6 per instructor.

Classes include printed take-away material.

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

Vancouver: A wide variety of Accommodation is available nearby Vancouver Coffee Academy

Calgary: Hotel accomadation nearby the Calgary Campus with preferred rates

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