Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Question: Do you accept international students?
Answer: Yes, with intermediate English listening and comprehension skills. We do offer a special ESL class to small groups of 6-8 students. To reserve your spot and for more details, please contact us.

Question: Can I skip classes?
Answer: No, this may put you in a disadvantaged position to other people in the class. For this reason, we recommend you take the Barista classes in order. Experienced Baristas can find themselves lagging behind novices whose Baristas careers are just a few hours old. Because a novice has taken Level 1 and 2 in order.

Question: Age limit?
Answer: Minimum age requirement is 16 years old. 

Question: I don't see a class time that works for my schedule?
Answer: Contact us, we can assist you.

Question: Why is this a good investment of my time, effort and money?
Answer: You know the difference between a regular cup of coffee and a delicious coffee skillfully prepared by an expert Barista. The Institute will turn your good taste into your own business, occupation or simply a way to impress your friends at home. Don’t ever settle for a second rate cup of coffee again!

Question: Do I need a coffee background to take the classes?
Answer: No, however, the Barista Training Classes should be taken in order

Question: Do I have to take the Coffee Business and Barista Training classes all at once, over one weekend?
Answer: You can register for each class individually to suit your personal schedule. Different arrangements can be made. If you want assistance then please contact us with your special request.

Question: Parking?
Answer: Yes, Click here for Vancouver , Calgary , Toronto and Montreal parking and other travel related information. 

Question: What is the average hourly wage for a barista in Canada?
Answer: Minimum wage in Canada varies from province to province. The exact salary for a barista can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and the type of establishment. Some baristas may also receive tips or benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, or discounts on food and drinks.

Question: Hotels nearby?

Answer: Yes, more information here

Question: What happens if I cancel?
Answer: See our Refund Policy for a full breakdown.

Question: Can I work as a barista with no experience?

Answer: Yes, you can work as a barista with no experience. Many coffee shops and cafes are willing to provide on-the-job training to people who are interested, have a positive attitude and good customer service skills. Having a background in food service or customer service can also be helpful. Getting training from a barista school can be an advantage when applying for a barista role, even if you don't have on-the-job experience. The training can demonstrate your commitment to the profession and provide you with a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge required to be successful as a barista, such as coffee brewing techniques, customer service, and milk frothing. Employers may be more willing to hire someone with barista training, even if they don't have direct work experience, because it shows that you are serious about the role and have a basic understanding of the responsibilities involved. Nevertheless, having on-the-job experience can be beneficial and increase your chances of being hired, especially if you can demonstrate your ability to apply the skills and knowledge you have learned in a real-world setting.

Question: Does the Institute review and endorse coffee related products?

Answer: We receive lots of requests on a weekly basis and prefer that you send the product to our campus for assessment. We will review your product but will not endorse it. If the product is exceptional then we may feel compelled to feature the product in our classes or blog about it. Send your product to: 3711 1st Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 3V6. We don't promise anything, nor do we accept commissions for reviewing. And, please send us an email to confirm.

Question: Do you have a job board?
Answer: Yes, as an employer you can post your jobs on our facebook group job board page and I will like it and share it to our twitter and instagram accounts.

Question: Do you accept Visa Debit?
Answer: Yes, in the checkout select 'Paypal' and once you are directed to the paypal site you can select to pay with Visa Debit.

Question: How does Pay over time with Affirm Work?
Answer: Click here for detailed information.