Montreal Coffee Academy

Park, Stay and Travel to the Montreal Campus

Our Montreal location operates out of Advanced Brewing Systems training facility. And, from time to time we will operate courses, such as Coffee Roasting, business and barista classes from satellite campuses in Quebec. We can also offer in-cafe and roastery trainings upon request.

To reserve your spot in the classroom, registration can be completed online through the website only (please do not call ABS for bookings)

Canadian Barista Institute - Montreal Campus
162 Rue Benjamin Hudon, Saint-Laurent, QC H4N 1H8 (click for directions)

Taking Transit Maps

You can plan your trip by bus and train by using the Montreal Transit website

Parking your Car

You can park your car for free, out in front of the building. 

Parking out front Montreal Coffee School


Click here to search AirBnB nearby places.


Food for Class:

You don't really need to have your daily coffee before class unless you can't function without it as you will be given ample opportunity to make and drink many coffees during the classes. We also recommend that you consider bringing some snacks, drinks, whatever would make you most comfortable. Here is a potential list of some nearby Restaurants in case you are looking for lunch ideas while attending our course. Please note, we are not endorsing these restaurants, nor are we guaranteeing they will be open. When it comes to lunch, we recommend that you bring a brown bag lunch and not go out for lunch so that you don't need to leave the classroom. Often times students will lose time in the classroom because that restaurant they went to was busy. 

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