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Opening a Coffee Business (2days) - Calgary

Opening a Coffee Business (2days) - Calgary

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Prerequisite: No prior experience required.
Duration: 10:30 am to 5 pm on both days.

Who is this course for: 

  • New startups
  • Entrepreneurs that purchased an existing business,
  • People who own a location and dream of opening a cafe but don't know where to start,
  • Current Coffee shop owners and operators
  • Managers

Curriculum: This course is designed to help you plan, design and critically think through the process of opening your own cafe.

Business is much more complicated then in past decades. You are now competing against people and large coffee-chain businesses that have sophisticated ways of collecting and analyzing data to compete against you.

We are here to teach you to manage your risk and increase your chances for success by teaching you the science of business versus relying on your feelings and gut instincts.

We understand the challenges that you face in this pandemic economy. Understandably, you may be feeling apprehension with your coffee shop project.

The harsh reality is, just like what is happening on our financial markets today, from this pandemic there will emerge some opportunities. 

Some coffee shops or retail lease locations may suddenly come available.  So our best advice to you is to do some homework now, and not wait until it's too late. 

This course is designed to accelerate your projects to allow you to be more prepared to jump at opportunities as they arise. We will answer all your questions with personalized advice and take you through our most important coffee business course content, for both new startups, purchasing existing businesses and for those owners and operators that want guidance on navigating out of this very difficult time.

Some of the topics covered:
  • Your competitive advantages
  • Canadian coffee market
  • Customer expectations and who they are
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Quality Control
  • Service Models
  • Vision
  • What to look for, what to avoid and how to gather Intelligence the correct way
  • All about the competition
  • Drink, food menu and equipment related decisions
  • Choosing your equipment suppliers, espresso machine and coffee roaster
  • Finding a location, choosing a general contractor, tradespeople and case studies
  • Marketing, Promotions, Holiday planning and Branding
  • People Management, Staff Training & Fostering a Barista Culture
  • Managing Your Numbers

Registration: Please reach out so we can arrange dates for your course. We can accommodate all different time zones, times of days, weekdays and weekends - just ask and we are happy to schedule your course to work best for your personal schedule.

Class Sizes: Classes are small, emphasizing hands-on learning opportunities.

Private Groups: We offer customized training for private groups on both weekdays and weekends. Contact us to tailor your course to fit your coffee business requirements.

Location: 629 36 Ave NE Unit B, Calgary, AB. The business course can be taken in-person or online.

Included with your class:

  • Printed Student Manual, Study Guide and Certificate of Completion
  • Free Membership to the Wholesale Student Buying Club ($799.00 Value)
  • Lifetime Alumni Membership and Benefits

Important: If you are thinking about taking this 2 day course, then you should consider our Coffee Business and Barista Training Package (4days). In the 4 day package you get the Complete Barista Training Bundle and this Opening a Coffee business course - which is by far our most comprehensive and popular course for learning how to own and operate your own cafe

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Dia Bier
    5 stars

    The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

    Thanks Diana! And congratulations on the successful opening of your cafe Dark Kiss Coffee in Leduc Alberta,

    would highly recommend for anyone

    It is a excellent experience Mario and Jamie are very knowledgeable and professional, class materials are break down to simple form that is easy to understand for anyone, would highly recommend for anyone who has a interest in learning about coffee

    thank you

    Erika SK
    I highly recommend this course

    I took the coffee barista bundle course in April and couldn’t be happier I did that. The course includes a section on how to open your own coffee shop and the information shared definitely raised awareness on how to avoid the common mistakes that usually lead to failure. I highly recommend this course to all of those who would like to learn about high quality coffee shops and high quality coffee making.

    thank you Erika, was good to meet you!

    Khalid Ahmad
    I would highly recommend

    I took the opening a coffee shop + barista level 3 course here, and it was an absolute pleasure. I came in with no knowledge on how to make a cup of coffee, and after a week, i was able to create my own amazing cappuccinos with not so bad art on them. The courses are well structured and have a comfortable pace for all attendees to learn from. If you are looking to get into the coffee industry, whether as a business owner or a barista, I would highly recommend checking them out!

    Thanks Khalid for this review! was great to have you in the 4 day business course in Calgary.

    I learned so much and the after support is excellent!

    I attended the Coffee Business and Barista Training Bundle and it was excellent. The instructors are experts in the coffee industry with a lot of knowledge, skills and experience. They delivered the material in a professional, relaxed and clear manner that made it easy to learn in both the on-line and lab. The after support in setting up a home system was excellent and should I choose to pursue a coffee business I know that as an alumni I will get great help! Whether you are exploring the idea of a coffee business, setting up, or already running one this is a fantastic resource to help you be successful. And if coffee is just a personal interest, this training is a great place to delve deep into your hobby.

    Thank you Isleta! We really enjoyed the course with you in it as well and look forward to hearing more about your coffee business adventure!