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Scace Thermofilter Device 1

Scace Thermofilter Device 1

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The Scace is a tool for measuring temperature in espresso machines.

Temperature effects flavour.

If the temperature of your machine looks like a yo-yo on a temperature graph then the flavour of your coffee will be similar, meaning every customer will receive something different and your brand will suffer. It helps to know the shape of the temperature to adapt your barista techniques to manage the temperature. The Scace can assist you in this discovery.

The Scace is made of a standard 58mm brew basket, a temperature sensor, an insert, and a flow controller.

The Scace is sold without a portafilter.

The basket used is a standard size 58mm basket and will fit most espresso machine naked portafilters.

The Scace plugs into a digital thermometer (not included) capable of reading a type T thermocouple.

Learn More about this tool and how to calibrate it:

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