Vancouver Alternate Secondary School

Tupper Nova program

" We’ve taken our students to CBA’s Barista Level 1 course for a couple years now. It’s been great to see them engaged, despite not having much coffee experience.

Les has the best coffee culture anecdotes from his long experience in the industry. He also teaches our youth how to grind, tamp, and draw espresso shots. Through tasting, they figure out what needs adjusting to improve the next shot. And, of course, their favourite: pouring latte art.

It’s awesome, hands-on learning for them. We’ll definitely keep coming back. "

Favourite student quotes from this year: 

  • “I never knew coffee could actually taste good.”
  • “Les is a coffee warrior.”
  • “Defund the corrupt coffee police.”

Matthew Friesen, teacher, Tupper Nova program

Tupper Nova Alternate School


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