Tollers Bistro

"This place has definitely taught me a lot about coffee and so many things I had no clue about.

It is sooo refreshing to meet and learn from real people who just want to share their knowledge and wisdom when it comes to coffee and customer service in general. The point is not about becoming coffee snobs and purists, it's about understanding coffee beans and simply doing them justice.

I opened up my sandwich shop and when I was looking for local roasters, they even pointed to the direction of another entrepreneur that took same courses as me and opened up a shop 30km away from me! Now we collaborate each time we can and I'm happy to serve his beans and we're happy to share the same knowledge given by Les, Jake and Olessya from Canadian Barista Institute!

Simply great people and awesome establishment! I truly hope they come visit me one day in Alberta!😉"

Moldir Nurmanova, Owner

Tollers Bistro

2-4801 63 St Bay 2, Lacombe, AB T4L 0H8

Tollers Bistro Alberta

Tollers Bistro Lacombe Alberta
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