Canadian Dalgona Frappuccino Recipe

Recipe Version 1:

Pull a double shot of espresso from your freshest locally roasted beans. Try 18 to 22 grams of finely ground coffee pulled at 20 to 30 seconds. 

Make a whipped cream espresso foam by combining 2 tablespoons of sugar with the double shot of brewed espresso coffee (please not instant).

Then, whip up 8 oz of whipping cream using a whisk, and gently fold it into the coffee sugar mixture. Don’t over mix, rather, try to keep the texture of the whipped cream fluffy by folding.

I like the decadence and luxuriousness of whipped cream, so I would serve it straight up, but if you want a thinner, milkier drink, you can serve it over top of milk on the rocks similar to the original dalgona recipe.

Recipe Version 2:

For a lower fat version, for all the millennials out there who didn’t get to see the Bamix Immersion Blender Stick infomercials, use the magic emulsifier plastic disc which allows you to “MAKE WHIPPED CREAM OUT OF SKIM MILK! That's right! WHIPPED CREAM OUT OF SKIM MILK! Impress your family! Make your neighbours jealous! Simply put on the emulsifier disc, and turn low fat skim milk into a healthy, delicious, nutritious dessert parfait! Just add fresh fruit! Mmmmmmmmm” (cut to a shot of kids wolfing down the dessert).

Recipe Version 3:

Or, if you want to be a badass, whip the cream in a whipped cream maker. You can add the sweet coffee-whipped topping to cakes, hot chocolate, hell, even your cereal.

Recipe Version 4:

If you don’t have a whisk, you can also whip the cream by shaking it in a jar (Youtube it). If you don’t have an espresso machine, I guess instant coffee is better than nothing; but try something that tastes better (in my opinion) like Sudden instant coffee.

So, to summarize, coffee foam is good. Made with good coffee, it’s even better. Cheers!

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