Alternative Milks on the Menu?

Q: We are close to finishing the build out for our new coffee shop and we are now discussing the menu items. One of the questions that keeps coming up, and there is some disagreement between us owners on this question is… we want to know if you suggest offering the alternative milks on the menu? Should we sell lattes with oat milk? Which alternative milks should we offer and not offer on the menu? Thanks!

A: Let's look at this question from another perspective. Coffee Shops almost always offer teas for sale. In most shops, teas are simply not a top seller. Not really that many people ordering it. Regardless, we still suggest you offer it on your menu and let the consumer / customer decide what they want to buy and what they don’t want to buy. This is valuable information in your shop that can help you decide to change the product, ingredients, methods of preparation to better serve your customers.

The same can be said about all of the varied alternative milks. We have to remind ourselves that we are in the customer service industry. Let the customers decide by what they choose to purchase. Just make sure you serve the very best version of that item with care and freshness at the forefront.

Alternative milk coffee cappuccino
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