Institute Launches 5th Campus in Liberty Village Toronto

Institute Launches 5th Campus in Liberty Village Toronto

Press release from Canadian Barista Institute, Date: November 6th, 2022

Toronto, ON

With campuses already in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Richmond Hill of Toronto the Canadian Barista Institute (CBI) is proud to announce the opening of a campus in Liberty Village Toronto Ontario.

The faculty of CBI were an integral part of the 1st sanctioned barista competitions that helped spark the rise of the artisan coffee movement in the early 2000’s. Since then, we have been responsible for 1000’s of students entering specialty coffee with many successfully going on to open their own shops across Canada and Internationally.

This new campus provides easier access to education in greater Toronto.

Students will learn extraction principles, workflow efficiencies, latte art and most importantly the insights and insider knowledge of the business of coffee. Graduates become part of the Alumni culture benefiting from the support network, group buying club, phone and email support and the foster barista programs.

Courses being offered at the new Liberty Village campus in December 2022.

Visit for current class schedules, pricing and information.

Contact: Jamie van Dam for Canadian Barista Institute

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