New Website Logo And Name

We have launched a new website, logo and name: Canadian Barista Institute.

We are really excited for this next adventure and hope you will take a moment to join us.

We have updated our Alumni page with badges for you to link yourself either by website or social to us. These Alumni badges display your coffee pride and inform your customers, staff and colleagues about the superior training you received at the Institute. This will also help you to build your online presence bringing coffee-specific web traffic to your page. By linking to us, we follow you and connect you to our entire network.

Whether you opened a shop or not, we just want to help keep people who love coffee together. For us this is a lifelong education. We don't expect you to keep paying for courses but we want to keep you up to date with news. Even though your investment in the industry may have changed, its obvious that you have a love for coffee culture and this is our way of helping further the conversation.

New updated certificates will be sent shortly, and more information will follow to let you know more about the new exciting happenings and benefits for Alumni.

All the best for 2022!

The team at the Canadian Barista Institute

New website and logo for Canadian Barista institute
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