Initiative To Create Awareness

Show us your vaccination card or show us your negative covid test results* and we will reward you with 5% off your order.

Additionally, if you donate your 5% to the charity Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, we will match your donation, for a total donation of 10%.

We are doing this for a number of reasons.

  • The more people that get vaccinated our economic recovery will rebound, and the sooner we return to our regular life pre covid.
  • Your local independent coffee shops and small businesses have been hit hard. Support their recovery by spreading the word and encourage more people to get immunized.
  • Getting vaccinated or tested is the best way to support our front line coffee workers, who have been risking their own health to deliver everyone their coffee fix throughout this pandemic.
  • To help End Homelessness

If you choose to not get the vaccine, we are ok with that, just show us a negative test result and you will receive the discount and matching offer.

Let’s all do what we can to move us back to normal.

Stay safe out there!

*The test result must be within 72 hours of your scheduled class and needs to be an official provincial molecular test.

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Initiative To Create Awareness
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