Gowon Cafe in Gastown District

" Class provided by Canadian Barista Institute was amazing and very worthy to take. If you are a coffee lover but want to make coffee at home and not sure how to, then this is a course for you to take. They are willing to teach you all the information about coffee, how to make coffee with consistency and good taste and share a lot of tips. Staffs are extremely friendly and welcoming. They also have a lot of knowledge on an espresso machine, so they guide you which espresso machine to buy to fit in your need, so you don’t buy the expensive espresso machine that you don’t even need."

Hong Sukkwon
Owner, Operator and Barista
Gowon Cafe
221 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K8

 Coffee-Shop-signage Working as a barista
Sandwich board for coffee shop espresso machine


Gowon Cafe
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