Hailed Coffee Toronto

Hailed Coffee Toronto

" I am so glad that my team and I joined the 2-day barista training. It helped us as baristas to have a deeper understanding of espresso extraction which would definitely reflect on our customers’ experience. Highly recommended ❤️ " Ali Al Samawi 

" Such a great course i took the 2 days complete barista training. We have learnt a lot about coffee. I would definitely recommend this course for all levels " Salem Baragaa

" One of the best decisions I made as a barista. Such a game changer when working behind the machine after this course! Thanks to Jamie and Seema for their incredible work and valuable insights! I have learned a ton in the two days and can't wait to apply what I learned! If you're an aspiring barista I would definitely recommend taking this course!! " Ahmed Bashaybah

" Great classes! Highly recommended for those who are interested in coffee!!! " Lily Lu

Hailed Coffee

Riverdale: 801 Gerrard St E Toronto, ON M4M 1Y5

College Park: 44 Gerrard St W Toronto, ON M5G 2K2

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