Hammer & Chip Coffee Roaster from Calgary Alberta

I attended the two day "Opening a Coffee Business" Online intensive and it fulfilled all of my expectations. This isn't a sit back and listen course, it is a one on one experience were you need to be fully engaged because it is a combination of education & consultation. Les & Jamie have a wealth of experience and are very approachable, they were not phased by business specifics or introductory questions. Their knowledge can save you from making crucial mistakes that are very prevalent in the current state of Coffee industry & Culture; weaknesses that I was previously blind too. My critique is that the extensive content of the course would be better spread out over 3-4 day period to fully absorb & implement the information into your own model. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get serious about launching their business or current management that needs to troubleshoot. Thanks Guys!

David Pierce, Founder & Roaster

Hammer and Chip Coffee Roaster Calgary

Hammer and Chip Coffee Roaster
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