R. Michael Ratcliffe

I am very sorry to notify you that our dear friend and Coffee Roasting Instructor, Michael Ratcliffe, has suddenly passed away. This is tragic news for all of us!

If you had attended one of his classes, than you were very fortunate to have had the opportunity! Michael was a joyous force of nature. He did things with an impact that far exceeded his stature. He attacked life with a dedication, passion and ferocity that few could keep up with.

The Coffee Roasting Course was fundamental and would have prepared you to see how most technical documents out there, are not that accurate.

Michael’s sole focus was to develop the beans. Michael had taken the complete gamut of roasting and distilled it into a fundamental course.

We are requesting that you share your notes from your roasting course as we look to compile Michael’s unique perspective and thinking on the subject.

You can send just pictures of your notes as well as any key points that you could summarize would be great.

Please send all pictures of notes and anything else to this email jamie@canadianbaristainstitute.com

Sincerely, Jamie

Update: A Memorial for Michael Ratcliffe will be held Sunday June 9th 2019 at Rocanini Coffee Roaster. 127 West 5th Avenue,Vancouver, BC V5Y 1H9. To Learn more visit: https://baristacanada.com/michael-ratcliffe/
R. Michael Ratcliffe
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