In Memory of R. Michael Ratcliffe Fundraiser for Awareness

Updated May 9th, 2023

Over the past year, the Canadian Barista Institute has received tips and donations totaling $568.92 at the checkout of our website. As a token of our gratitude, we have decided to match this amount dollar for dollar, and we extend our sincerest thanks to all those who have generously donated.

Our intention is to increase awareness and raise funds for the "Moms Stop the Harm" campaign, in R. Michael Ratcliffe's memory. Michael's sudden passing on May 9th, 2019, left us all grieving the loss of his infectious spirit. As we take a moment to remember his friendship and celebrate his legacy, we aim to contribute to this meaningful cause.

"Moms Stop the Harm (MSTH)" is a network of Canadian families who have been impacted by substance use-related harms and deaths. Their mission is to advocate for changes to failed drug policies, provide peer support to grieving families, and assist those with loved ones who use or have used substances. If you'd like to learn more about MSTH, please visit their website at

Updated June 7th, 2021

We have closed another successful fundraiser for the @DEWCVancouver in R.Michael Ratcliffe's name.

Many people ordered delicious coffees which were sourced from Keffa and beautifully roasted by Jeremy and the team at French Press Coffee Roasters.

Thank you to the team at @frenchpresscoffeeroasters for your generous contribution of hard work, teamwork, logistics, finances and dedication to the fundraiser!

We thank everyone that ordered coffees and contributed financially. Total money raised was $2,130. The Canadian Barista Institute matched that amount and donated to @DEWCVancouver a total of $4,260

Please know that this money is well received at the @DEWCVancouver. They are very economical about how they use it. "The mission of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for women from all walks of life, who live and/or work in the Downtown Eastside. To achieve this goal, the Centre provides supportive surroundings with meals, counseling, advocacy and programs which nurture and empower members."

The money raised by this fundraiser will help cover more than 30 woman’s needs for a month.  We are very thankful to all of you!  @DowntownEastsideWomensCentre #GivetoDEWC

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre fundraiser

It was on May 9th, 2019 when we lost our energetic, thoughtful and inspiring dear friend far too early. We hope you will join us to remember Michael’s friendship and continue to celebrate his legacy!

This year, 2021 the Canadian Barista Institute has partnered with French Press Coffee Roasters, Barista Canada and Keffa Coffee to raise awareness and funds for the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre in R. Michael Ratcliffe’s name.

The Coffees

The 1st 250 gram bag, "From Harrar to Eternity" featuring Harrar Mesela, a Naturally processed coffee from the Harrar region of Ethiopia. The title of this coffee comes from one of Michael’s many puns based around the song by Nick Cave ‘From Her To Eternity’.“From Harrar to Eternity” is super tasty when prepared for filter pour over or espresso coffee.

The 2nd 250 gram bag “The Jackie Gleason Drip”, features another coffee from Ethiopia. “The Jackie Gleason Drip” is a washed coffee from Limu Gera that is bright and juicy. Michael often thought of himself as a modern day Jackie Gleason, hence this homage to both superb gentlemen.

We will fundraise until May 16th, after which the coffee will be roasted and shipped out shortly thereafter.

Please follow this link to make your purchase-donation. Thank you!

Last year, we raised $4,521.88

There are many ways you can look at the donations. For example:

  • the money raised helped to cover one woman’s needs for 900+ days,
  • or three women’s needs for a year,
  • or 31 women’s needs for a month

Together, we accomplished an incredibly generous activity. We hope you will join us again this year in remembering R. Michael Ratcliffe and help bring awareness and raise funds for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

Artwork by Catherine Gauthier aka ‘Coffee Mommy

From Harrar to Eternity The Jackie Gleason Drip

Updated May 28th, 2020

Total funds raised by family and friends of Michael was $2,260.94. The Institute matched donations bringing the total to $4,521.88. 

THANK YOU for making this happen and to Frank from Rocanini for providing coffee in Michaels style and name!  Pretty awesome 😊Donation to Paypal in Michael Ratcliffe's Name

Updated May 17th, 2020

We have closed our fundraiser for the @DEWCVancouver in R.Michael Ratcliffe's name. Many gave more then the recommended amount of $30. We can look at this from a few different perspectives, for example money raised will cover one woman’s needs for 900 + days, or 3 for a year or 31 women for a month. Regardless of how we look at it, we are thankful to have done this together, as a community over great distances, all in R. Michael Ratcliffe’s name.THANK YOU !😍 @DowntownEastsideWomensCentre #GivetoDEWC

May 7th, 2020

Michael Ratcliffe

The Canadian Barista Institute has partnered with Rocanini Coffee Roasters in order to bring awareness and to raise funds for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in R. Michael Ratcliffe’s name. It was on May 9th, 2019 that we lost his joyous force of nature far too early and we want to take time to remember his friendship and celebrate his legacy!

How it Works

The cost of making the coffees will be paid for by the Institute with all profits going to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. The Institute will also match money raised to bring awareness to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre important and good community works in Michael’s name.

We hope you will join us and purchase 2 x 8oz. whole bean bags of carefully selected and roasted coffee in Michaels style!

The Coffees

Haiku Prince RMRThe 1st 8 oz bag will be for filter coffee called: Haiku Prince Drip from Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona

Yung MonetAnd, the 2nd 8 oz bag will be for espresso called: Yung Monet Espresso from Ethiopia Harrar Kubsitu Cooperative Natural Organic

The suggested price is $30 for both bags which includes shipping. If you wish to pay more you can, just let us know to adjust your invoice.

Express Your Interest

To order, please send us your first and last name, your email address along with your shipping address to

We will fundraise until May 15th.

At that time you will be invoiced directly from Rocanini and coffees will be roasted fresh and shipped out immediately the following week on Monday May 18th, 2020.

Thank You !

Join us to Fundraise in Michael's spirit for: 

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

In Memory of R. Michael Ratcliffe
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