S-Profiler Digital HOT and COLD Beverage Brewing System

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The problem with cold brew is when you run out, you run out for 24 hours as it takes overnight to brew. And on top of that, the health concerns of a cold water brewing method, which is why the large manufacturers are now moving towards pasteurizing their cold water coffee brewing because of the inherent risks.

For small business owners, it is crucial to have reproducible systems that ensure the freshness of beverages, unlike the traditional method of cold brewing, which typically takes between 16 and 20 hours. Interestingly, if a consumer were blindfolded and tasted ice-brewed, cold brew, and Japanese cold brew made from the same coffee, they would find it challenging to identify the brewing method. While experienced coffee professionals might have a better chance at guessing the correct method, ultimately, the essential question remains: What do customers truly desire? Is it not a fresh, cold beverage with low acidity? In that case, it is far more effective to opt for a brewing process that can produce such a beverage promptly, rather than waiting for 20 hours, by carefully selecting the coffee, grind size, and dosage to minimize acidity.

One of the key advantages of the S-Profiler is its full customizability and programmability, allowing users to add as many recipes as they desire. This system's significance lies in the fact that it eliminates concerns about the ice used during the brewing process affecting the flavor profile of the final cup, which can be a consideration when employing the Japanese cold brew method. Additionally, the S-Profiler drastically reduces the brewing time compared to the typical overnight cold brew process.

Suggested Recipes when using the S-Profiler:

  • Tea: 10 grams per liter for white, green and black teas
  • Fruit teas: between 20-30 gram per liter depending
  • Coffee: 60 grams per liter (S-Profiler can brew from 1 liter to 4 liter at a time)
S-Profiler Digital HOT and COLD Beverage Brewing System
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