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Coffee Roasting Made Simple by Raimond Feil

Coffee Roasting Made Simple by Raimond Feil

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Far too often, blog articles, forums, videos and in-person conference presentations are all about how to roast using data and following a graph.

It's refreshing to have a book on roasting that describes in detail how to develop your own intuition through observation and hands-on roasting. Raimond's a natural scientist of coffee roasting, decoding the most important principles and describing clearly how to troubleshoot and fine-tune your coffee.

And, for those of you using a Loring Roaster there are recipes for filter and espresso roasts and what to specifically look for on a Loring to identify important markers in the roast using a Loring.

From the author:

This book discusses principles that govern the roasting process, profile development, how to avoid over- and under-roasting, how different variables in roasting change flavours in the final cup, sample roasting, how to transfer roast profile from one roaster machine to another machine, and lot more.

This book gives you all the necessary tools so you can successfully develop your own roasting profiles and edit the ones presented here. The same tools will help you to become a better, smarter, and more consistent coffee roaster.

It’s a condensed collection of Raimond's 12 years coffee roasting experience with Specialty Coffees made simple to accelerate your learning in coffee roasting.

Table of Contents



  • Approach to roasting: Philosophy and the principle
  • Your roasting philosophy determines how you do it, and where you’ll end up
  • The roasting philosophy
  • It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the principles of nature


  • Everything about production roasting

Section 1

  • Profiles untangled
  • The roasting process
  • How do the first & second phase in general affect taste development?
  • Profiles & recipes

Section 2

  • Roasting for espresso
  • Uni-roast or was it omni-roast? How filter/espresso roasts differ
  • Blending for espresso
  • Classic approach—espresso as a different and darker roast
  • Alternatives to fine tune and modify the profiles


  • Everything about sample roasting
  • Profile sample roasting—the basics
  • The process of sample roasting
  • How to read the temperature gauge precisely
  • Sample roast profiles
  • Profile development


  • Transferring profiles
  • From sample roaster to production roaster
  • Swapping one production roaster for another


  • Quality control
  • Tasting and other ways to test, measure and control quality


  • Everything else that doesn't fit Into the chapters above
  • Tasting
  • Chew the roasted bean
  • Cup tasting tools and the rules we used in our lab
  • How to improve your tasting skills?
  • A clue that makes a difference to your coffee experience
  • What’s with the wood taste?
  • Cleanliness
  • Why it’s a good idea to clean your machine properly, thoroughly and consistently
  • Three reasons why a coffee roaster may catch fire
  • Roasting
  • Does your roaster really have the capacity the producers say it has?
  • Greens’ hopper and green coffee
  • Smell your coffee
  • Can you hear coffee cracking in a Loring Coffee Roaster and how to get the clean smell out of the Loring sample trier?
  • Cinnamon, Full City, Italian, etc.— What the heck is up with those?
  • Second crack
  • Should you use your 90 plus coffees to tune your new roaster?
  • Ideas on roasting experiments




Raimond Feil has been around the Specialty Coffee industry since 2004, started as a Barista but soon in 2005 upgraded to a Coffee Roasting and Barista Training. He co-founded and co-owned Rocket Bean Roastery in Riga, Latvia from 2014 through 2016. In this recent book on coffee roasting Raimond is giving away all of his thoughts, experience and knowhow on the coffee roasting craft.

  • 1st edition - October 2018
  • Printed in Estonia 160 pages
  • Height: 215mm Width: 154mm Thickness: 18mm Weight: 336 grams

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