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Green and Roasted Coffee Analysis

Green and Roasted Coffee Analysis

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Are you contemplating importing some green coffee? Perhaps you have family members at the origin who can supply their green coffee to the Canadian market, or you may be interested in importing coffee that is roasted at the origin?

We will evaluate the quality of your coffee, whether it is green or roasted, and verify the quality reported to you by a broker or farmer. Our professional second opinion will provide you with reassurance. Our analysis will not be in writing, but it will give you an assurance of whether your coffee is good or bad, similar to how most buyers would typically score before purchase. In other words, this method will verify the quality of your coffee and give you the second opinion you are seeking.

We require a minimum sample size of 500 grams, but we prefer a larger sample size.

You will be responsible for all shipping costs, packaging, and insurance.

If you are interested in personalized business consulting services and more feedback, we provide unbiased information and strategies to help your coffee business reach its full potential.

To request more information and a quote, please use the Contact Us form.

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