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Barista Level 1 - Vancouver

Barista Level 1 - Vancouver

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Prerequisite: No prior experience required
Duration: 3.5 hours
Who is this course for:

  • You want to learn about and work in specialty coffee
  • For Beginners to Advanced

Curriculum: This class creates consistency through step by step instructions that are presented written and hands-on. Even if you have barista experience, we recommend taking this class to correct any flaws in your coffee making technique, which can and will affect consistency. Without consistency, each and every customer gets a different tasting drink.

Some Topics covered:
  • Essentials of espresso, tools and equipment
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Grinder differences, efficiencies and burr sets
  • What is espresso, its history, fundamental theories and preparation
  • Defining what is drip, pour over, press pot, french press, moka pot, stove top espresso
  • Espresso Fundamentals
  • International Definition of Espresso
  • How to pull a consistent technically correct espresso shot
  • Preparing Drinks To Standards
  • What Espresso is and is not
  • How to Grind, Dose and Tamp
  • Learn to troubleshoot coffee
  • Foundational barista knowledge
  • Milk texturing and microfoaming technique and principles

Registration: Pre-registration required, no dropins.

Class Sizes are small with most of the class time being hands on giving you lots of time to learn.

Specials: Buy all 4 barista levels and save.

Private Groups: We can accommodate private group training on weekdays and weekends - just ask and we are happy to schedule your course to work best for your coffee business needs.

Included with your class:

  • Printed Student Manual, Study Guide and Certificate of Completion
  • Free Membership to the Wholesale Student Buying Club ($799.00 Value)
  • Lifetime Alumni Membership and Benefits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
AWESOME experience.

Very detailed with great practice opportunities. Learned a lot and wanting to take more lessons!

Dale Xu
Very thorough and structured

Took the Barista level 1 course here. Very thorough and structured course by Calvin. Opened a new door to me. Definitely would recommend to anyone interested in learning about the coffee world.

Dušan Mackovík
5 Stars

I just finished the Barista Level 1 course yesterday and I have to say it was great. I got the course as a gift and I had no idea what to expect. After the first few minutes I knew it was going to be a great experience. I like coffee a lot and I was craving information on how to make good coffee. And this is the place to go. You'll get a lot of information not only about coffee but also about how it all works, how good coffee should taste and what it can all affect. Of course, at the end you get to try everything out and make coffee for yourself.

May Chan
Will definitely come back for more!

Really enjoyed the Barista Level 1 course. Calvin was very thorough and patient, and made the class atmosphere a safe place to learn and make mistakes.

Maxwell Carroll
5 Stars

Wonderful class! Les shared wonderful insights on the history of coffee culture and secrets of making excellent espresso in an efficient and consistent way.

thank you