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Brazilian Coffee Expert Sensory Journey - * Free Class *

Brazilian Coffee Expert Sensory Journey - * Free Class *

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The Canadian Barista Institute is excited to co-host this event with Orange Brown at Propaganda in Vancouver on November 25th, 2023 from 2pm to 5pm. Victor will be hosting a Q & A which will be fascinating because he has such a long history and depth of knowledge that local baristas, roasters and coffee enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Event Description: Unlock the World of Brazilian Green Coffee! Join us for an exclusive talk by Brazilian coffee expert Victor Nucci and savor the taste of 10 extraordinary microlots of unique and unusual green coffee from Brazil. This event is not just a talk – it's a sensory journey. Experience a captivating cupping and tasting session of these exceptional coffees, learn about the region and farmers who work tirelessly to create these extraordinary coffees and as a bonus, take home 100-gram samples for free. Don't miss your chance to explore the essence of Brazil in every sip!

To dive into the brazilian green coffee rabbit hole a little further, then check out our in-depth interview with both Wade and Victor here

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