Brewing Success: A Journey into Brazilian Green Coffee

Join us for an exclusive interview with Wade Peckham and Victor Nucci, the minds behind Orange Brown Import/Export, as they unveil the secrets of Brazilian green coffee and their expansion into western Canada. Discover how direct trade, transparency, and strong relationships with coffee farmers are reshaping the coffee industry. In addition, get a taste of 10 unique Brazilian microlots in an exciting cupping and tasting session, and take home free 100-gram samples. It's your opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Brazilian coffee and the expertise of these industry leaders. Register here for this free event on November 25th

Canadian Barista Institute ‘CBI’: Before we dive into the interview, can you tell us a bit about the Orange Brown Import & Export business, its history and how you got started in this field?

Orange Brown Import/Export 'OB’: Ten years ago, Orange Brown founders Victor and Andre went to their home country of Brazil to find the best coffee they could bring to Canada. They knew that people around the world had this perception of Brazil producing low-quality coffee, and they wanted to help change that as they knew there were plenty of farmers/people in Brazil working on producing great-quality coffee. That's when they met Deyvid at Expocaccer (a specialty coffee coop in Cerrado) and eventually Danilo Barbosa. Over the past 10 years, this partnership has evolved into genuine friendships and a focus on quality, consistency, and trust. For Danilo and his family they continue to focus on producing the best coffee in Brazil which culminated in their winning the 2021 Cup of Excellence, and Danilo’s son Vitor and his wife Poliana have stepped up to take on a larger role within the family business. Deyvid runs his own coffee consulting company in Campos Altos, where he helps grade and develop coffee from farmers all around the region, ensuring quality and consistency are always available. Orange Brown continues to bring these amazing coffees to their partner roasters in Canada, Dubai and most recently, the US. It's about friends helping friends, ensuring quality, transparency, and consistency throughout the distribution network.

CBI: We would love to hear more about the impact you've had on the coffee industry in Brazil. Could you share any specific success stories or moments where you felt particularly proud of the work you're doing?

OB: We have over 20 different Brazilian coffees from multiple regions and farms. Our coffees range from your traditional, chocolatey, low acidity and balanced offerings all the way to high scoring exclusive microlots, and everything in between.

We are proud of the relationships built over the years along with the mutual trust between the chain - farmer, ourselves, and roasters. It is very rewarding to bring a product that was cultivated and natured with so much care, and deliver it to clients that take the same care roasting and showcasing this to their clients.

CBI: What can you tell us about the expansion of Orange Brown Import & Export's warehousing to Vancouver and how it will benefit your clients in British Columbia? Additionally, how do you plan to maintain the high level of service you already have in Ontario that you've been known for over the years with this new location addition?

OB: We're excited to announce that we now have warehousing in Vancouver! Orange Brown has been serving Canadian coffee roasters for over 10 years out of Toronto, and offering local storage to coffee roasters in BC means faster and cheaper logistics, as well as in-person pickup options for moments when clients are in a rush!

🚚 Providing excellent service is essential to us, which is why we value your feedback and continue to work proactively on improving our warehousing and logistics.

Our goal is to share and highlight the amazing coffee our partner farmers continue to produce. We know Vancouver has a great coffee culture thanks to the amazing work that has been done in the industry there and believe our coffee can be a great fit for the market. We do have some great partners throughout BC already and know that by having coffee in Vancouver we can better serve them and other roasters in the area that may be looking for new options.

CBI: Your emphasis on direct trade, transparency and building relationships with coffee farmers is impressive. How has this level of collaboration with coffee farmers shaped the quality and uniqueness of the coffee you offer to your clients?

OB: Building a coffee business is as much about the beans as it is about building relationships. And strong relationships are based on transparency.

We share transparent and traceable data about the coffees with all our clients so they know where the coffee is coming from and how it has been produced, as well as the local environment and communities.

Our approach to direct trade sourcing also sets us apart. Close bonds with coffee farmers and frequent visits to the origin allow us not only to bring coffees we’re confident your students will love but also open up the rare opportunity of working alongside roasters to find the Brazilian coffee of their dreams.

Our ever-expanding network of coffee producers gives us the leverage to source the volume, quality, price range, and consistency that makes sense for all sizes of coffee roasters business. This level of relationship with the coffee farms, coupled with our combined experience in many steps of the coffee business, puts us in a unique position of bringing coffees that are relevant to local markets in Canada, as well as working together on turning their coffee vision into reality.

CBI: Could you explain in more detail why you advocate for coffee roasters to disregard the C-price when it comes to sourcing coffee? What are the limitations or drawbacks of relying solely on the C-price, and how does your approach of negotiating directly with farmers offer a more advantageous alternative?

OB: The price of coffee as a commodity is influenced by principles of supply and demand rather than quality considerations. This means that commodity coffee is treated as a uniform product with neither negative nor positive qualities.

Our approach is to negotiate prices directly with farmers. This means better money for farmers and better quality control for the roaster.

When signing a contract with us you can feel confident that the farmer is properly compensated each harvest, and you can provide your customers with a product they have come to love.

Signing a contract also locks in prices and removes uncertainty over stock, coffee prices, and exchange rate fluctuations.

This way, farmers can focus on the field, and you can focus on growing your business while knowing your costs.

CBI: How does your strategic approach to storage and shipping contribute to cost savings and efficiency in the green coffee business? Could you share more about the advantages your multiple global facilities and pickup options offer to partner roasters, especially smaller ones?

OB: Shipping and fees play a big role in the green coffee business. Coffee is heavy and travels a long way before it reaches the coffee roasteries. Our team strategically stores coffee in multiple facilities across the globe to reduce costs and shipping time. We’re currently present in BC, MB, ON, New Jersey, and Dubai, and work with a variety of shipping companies to keep these costs as low as possible for our partner roasters. Our pick up options allow smaller roasters to avoid shipping costs altogether.


The Canadian Barista Institute is excited to co-host this event with Orange Brown at Propaganda in Vancouver on November 25th, 2023 from 2pm to 5pm. Victor will be hosting a Q & A which will be fascinating because he has such a long history and depth of knowledge that local baristas, roasters and coffee enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Unlock the World of Brazilian Green Coffee! Join us for an exclusive talk by Brazilian coffee expert Victor Nucci and savor the taste of 10 extraordinary microlots of unique and unusual green coffee from Brazil. This event is not just a talk – it's a sensory journey. Experience a captivating cupping and tasting session of these exceptional coffees, learn about the region and farmers who work tirelessly to create these extraordinary coffees and as a bonus, take home 100-gram samples for free. Don't miss your chance to explore the essence of Brazil in every sip!

Brewing Success: A Journey into Brazilian Green Coffee
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