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Coffee Roasting Level 1 (3days) - Vancouver

Coffee Roasting Level 1 (3days) - Vancouver

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Prerequisite: No prior experience required
Duration: 3 days, 1030 am to 5 pm

  • Contact us for specific class dates that are not offered on our calendar.
  • Contact us to arrange classes at your roastery.
  • Contact us to schedule an installation, cleaning and maintenance or repair service.


Learning to roast coffee successfully requires mentorship over a period of time, varying from a few months to a few years with lots of trials and errors. In spite of that fact, we can teach you the fundamentals of coffee roasting, safety procedures, simple maintenance and basics about coffee in a weekend. Anything beyond that is not realistic in a weekend course. This course is a hands-on experience of coffee cupping, tasting, roasting and barista fundamentals to insure your roasting business success.

Some Topics covered during Day 1:
  • Canadian Market Share
  • Differences between Artisan and Commodity coffee
  • Principles of Roasting
  • Biology of tasting and the coffee tasting wheel
  • Cupping, Tasting Espresso, Calibration and Discussion
  • What is the #1 seller of coffee shops? 
  • What are the Roasting differences for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wave
  • Myths and Stereotype Roasting for Espresso, Batch Brew drip coffee, Pour Over filter coffee and all the rest
  • Thermocycling

Roasting is about developing flavors.. not colors. If you cannot taste your mistakes you will never make the appropriate corrections to your roast. Tasting is fundamental to all culinary arts, and roasting is a culinary art.

Some Topics covered during Day 2:

  • Espresso variations 
  • How to track a roast
  • Philosophies of Roasting
  • How to Choose a Roaster
  • Main machine types of Roasting
  • Different ways to develop a Roast
  • Freshness standards

Some Topics covered during Day 3:

  • Profile Roasting
  • Decaf
  • Terroir & Processing
  • Green Coffee Defects

Throughout the 3 days, the Roasting Instructor will provide you with an overview of operating a coffee roaster, temperature time profile, breakdown in a roast and how to adjust for every outcome, fundamental roasting concepts followed by a demonstration of a complete coffee roast, from start to finish. Each student will be guided and given an opportunity to run many roasts on their own and with their classmates. During and after each roast there will be time for a Question and Answer period to continue deepening your understanding.

Some Handouts and Resources included with your registration:

  • Daily Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Monthly Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Fire and Safety Plan Templates for both Canada and USA jurisdictions
  • Roaster Fire Protocol - Discovery
  • Pollution Control information

You will be given samples of your roasted coffee to take home with you.

If you would like to go further into Roasting Coffee, more courses are also available by request. Send us an email to learn more.

Registration: Pre-registration required, no dropins

Class Sizes are small with most of the class time being hands on giving you lots of time to learn.

Specials: Register for the Opening a Coffee Business Course, the Complete Barista Training and the Roasting course all together and save. Reach out to receive your discount code or click here to register and save.

Private Groups: We can accommodate private group training on weekdays and weekends - just ask and we are happy to schedule your course to work best for your coffee business needs.

Recommended Reading: We recommend reading 4 coffee roasting books in this order: 1. Raimond Feil,2. Ryan Brown, 3. Rob Hoos and 4. Scott Rao. If you choose to purchase these books along with the course then reach out by email as we will extend a 20% discount code to you for the purchase of the 4 books.

Included with your class:

  • Printed Student Manual, Study Guide and Certificate of Completion
  • Free Membership to the Wholesale Student Buying Club ($799.00 Value)
  • Lifetime Alumni Membership and Benefits
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
James Balfour
It was an amazing opportunity to learn the fundamentals of roasting

Thank you so much for these 3 days of training! It was an amazing opportunity to learn the fundamentals of roasting and be given access to an exceptional level of experience based knowledge facilitated in an encouraging and positive environment.

I really appreciated the emphasis placed on perusing a high level of quality that can only be the result of prioritizing integrity, consistency, and passion at the core of the process. There’s no doubt that the training I received from this course has provided a foundation that would have otherwise been difficult to obtain.

Thanks again Calvin and Les for presenting a range of challenging and complex concepts in such an accessible way, while also inspiring confidence for continued learning and growth!

Dave H
5 stars

Incredible industry knowledge, shared practically and with context.

Extremely happy with the experience.
Thank you,
Dave H

thank you Dave!

Kyle Hill
5 stars

I took roasting level 1 and have to say this course is absolutely worth taking. I had an incredible time learning new roasting skills and knowledge about the coffee industry, as well as learning the importance of cupping. Both Calvin and Les have an incredible and extensive amount of knowledge and passion behind their material and teachings. I can't recommend this course enough. I am very excited to start roasting on my own. Thanks again!

Hi Kyle, Thank you so much for sharing you experience with us! We are very happy to hear you took away so much and keep us posted on how things go :)!

William McCaffrey
I highly recommend the course

I took the Level 1 Roasting course with Les and Calvin. I highly recommend the course if you are looking to get into coffee roasting. I’ve waited to post a review until I had a chance to get back home and fire up my new 500 g sample roaster. The lessons learned in the course gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to fire up the new roaster, produce good coffee and cup the results. Still have a long way to go but both Les and Calvin got me started in a great direction. Thanks guys!

thank you William!

Trevor Lee
5 stars

The Coffee Roasting course at the Canadian Barista Institute challenged my assumptions and beliefs about roasting, changed the way I look at tasting / cuppings, and immediately improved the roasts I do on my Aillio Bullet.

Ultimately, I was surprised at what I didn’t know / was getting wrong in some fundamental way, especially after over 100 roasts on my Bullet during the pandemic.

I consider this course to represent a major milestone in my roasting and tasting evolution.

thank you Trevor!