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Opening a Coffee Shop (2days) - Online

Opening a Coffee Shop (2days) - Online

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Prerequisite: No prior experience required
Location: With real Instructors, private 1:1,  live and online.
Who is this course for: 

  • New startups,
  • Entrepreneurs that purchased an existing business,
  • People who own a location and dream of opening a cafe but don't know where to start,
  • Current Coffee shop owners and operators
  • Managers

This online course has the same content that you receive from the in person course, except that it is a private one to one class when it is online. More akin to a consultation.

Class Times: 10:30 am to 5 pm

Registration: Please reach out so we can arrange dates for your course. We can accommodate all different time zones, times of days, weekdays and weekends - just ask and we are happy to schedule your course to work best for your personal schedule.

Curriculum: This course is designed to help you plan, design and critically think through the process of opening your own cafe.

Business is much more complicated then in past decades. You are now competing against people and large coffee-chain businesses that have sophisticated ways of collecting and analyzing data to compete against you.

We are here to teach you to manage your risk and increase your chances for success by teaching you the science of business versus relying on your feelings and gut instincts.

We understand the challenges that you face in this pandemic economy. Understandably, you may be feeling apprehension with your coffee shop project.

The harsh reality is, just like what is happening on our financial markets today, from this pandemic there will emerge some opportunities. 

Some coffee shops or retail lease locations may suddenly come available.  So our best advice to you is to do some homework now, and not wait until it's too late. 

This course is designed to accelerate your projects to allow you to be more prepared to jump at opportunities as they arise. We will answer all your questions with personalized advice and take you through our most important coffee business course content, for both new startups, purchasing existing businesses and for those owners and operators that want guidance on navigating out of this very difficult time.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Your competitive advantages
  • Canadian coffee market
  • Customer expectations and who they are
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Quality Control
  • Service Models
  • Vision
  • What to look for, what to avoid and how to gather Intelligence the correct way
  • All about the competition
  • Drink, food menu and equipment related decisions
  • Choosing your equipment suppliers, espresso machine and coffee roaster
  • Finding a location, choosing a general contractor, tradespeople and case studies
  • Marketing, Promotions, Holiday planning and Branding
  • People Management, Staff Training & Fostering a Barista Culture
  • Managing Your Numbers

Included with your class:

  • Printed Student Manual, Study Guide and Certificate of Completion
  • Free Membership to the Wholesale Student Buying Club ($799.00 Value)
  • Lifetime Alumni Membership and Benefits
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kinga Mahboubian
Highly recommend this place!!

My experience with them is absolutely amazing, and also their customer service is excellent. Jamie he is very helpful he will work with you and he will do his best until you achieve your goal. I like to study with them because for them it’s not just about the money it’s about to help you achieve your dreams, they want to see you succeed. For them doesn’t matter your race or your believes they treat you equally and support you, they listen to you, they have humanity.

thank you Kinga!

Mia灵曦 “MiYaYa”
Best course to take for anyone who wants to their own business, not limited to coffee.

The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. The customized and transparent information they provided is an eye opener. I said at the very beginning, the concept I learned from this course can be well applied to any business and even to daily life. You might find that coffee shop is not actually your thing at the end of the course, just like me, yet you will appreciate this even more! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who dreamed to be a business owner. It’s a life saver!

thank you Mia! We are very happy to hear the business course provided this clarity for you.

Jake Pierce
I highly recommend this course

I attended the two day "Opening a Coffee Business" Online intensive and it fulfilled all of my expectations. This isn't a sit back and listen course, it is a one on one experience were you need to be fully engaged because it is a combination of education & consultation. Les & Jamie have a wealth of experience and are very approachable, they were not phased by business specifics or introductory questions. Their knowledge can save you from making crucial mistakes that are very prevalent in the current state of Coffee industry & Culture; weaknesses that I was previously blind too. My critique is that the extensive content of the course would be better spread out over 3-4 day period to fully absorb & implement the information into your own model. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get serious about launching their business or current management that needs to troubleshoot. Thanks Guys!

Thank you Jake (David) for taking the time to share your experience!

Jakob Svahn
Highly recommend.

Working with Canadian Barista Institute has been great. We're opening a coffee shop and I took all the courses they have to offer. With out them I would not have felt nearly as confident in my skills as a roaster or barista, nor do I think I would've had the knowledge to create products with as much quality. They have given us a lot of good feedback and given us insight in running a business that we would have never thought about. For example how to price your menu (a lot more goes into it then you would think). The people at Canadian Barista Institute are awesome and they know what they're talking about. They make coffee making interesting, simple and fun. I'm also very excited and thankful that even though i have taken all of their courses they still will answer my questions and help me out when ever I need it. They are also completely un biased towards products and machinery, they offer trustworthy insight and are just a great group of people. Highly recommend.

Thanks for that Jakob - we really enjoyed your presence in the courses!

Dinjot Matharu
5 stars

A thoroughly researched and well presented course that prepares you for being part of the coffee industry in Canada. Instructors are highly knowledgable with years of experience and expertise!

thank you!