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Coffee Roasting Level 2 - Vancouver

Coffee Roasting Level 2 - Vancouver

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Prerequisite: Coffee Roasting Level 1
Duration: 1030 am to 5 pm

Registration: Pre-registration required, no dropins

Class Sizes are small with most of the class time being hands on giving you lots of time to learn.

  • Contact us for specific class dates that are not offered on our calendar.
  • Contact us to arrange classes at your roastery.
  • Contact us to schedule an installation, cleaning and maintenance or repair service.

Curriculum: This course is a vitally important course for experienced, beginner and hobbyist coffee roasters.

The more you know about how your coffee roaster and how it works, the better you will be able to maintain and operate it, providing you with years of consistent dependable service. A well maintained machine is the heart and soul for every coffee roaster.

Through understanding your equipment, you will be able to improve the quality and consistency of your roasted coffee, the roasting process and get the most out of your green.

Ultimately this will give you the ability to deliver your marketed and advertised coffees to new and existing client cafes repeatedly and consistently.

Additionally, having a deep understanding of the equipment will help you to see what’s possible with your current roasting equipment and guide you in modifying your Roaster in the future.

During class you will join the Instructor along with your co-students in taking apart a coffee roaster to troubleshoot and learn hands-on the most effective way to clean and maintain a coffee roaster.

Some of the topics covered in the class:

  • All About Burners: the different types, how to clean and preventative maintenance and case studies of Probat, Diedrich and Loring branded roasters.
  • All About Cooling Trays: Routine maintenance, how to clean, agitator arm maintenance and cleaning, cooling tray airflow issues and worst case scenarios discussed.
  • All About Ducting: Sizing, cleaning, maintenance, how to avoid back pressure issues, and some straightforward math to understand your roaster and the relationship between diameter and airflow.
  • All About Fans: Effects on ducting and fire, cleaning and maintenance discussed.
  • All About Fires: Worst Case Scenarios and Case Studies, Step by Step Guides, Maintenance and cleaning guidelines and What to do in the event of a fire that is out of control
  • All About Mechanical Aspects: Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Filtration
  • Real life Case Studies

Many coffee roasters get into the business and don’t realize the expenditure they are facing, of course that is a problem, but more important is the fire hazard and safety protocols. This course will teach you to start off on the right foot.

Handouts and Resources included with your registration:

  • Daily Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Monthly Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Fire and Safety Plan Templates for both Canada and USA jurisdictions
  • Roaster Fire Protocol
  • Discovery Pollution Control information

Everyone is welcome from planning to open a roastery to already in operations!

Private Groups: We can accommodate private group training on weekdays and weekends - just ask and we are happy to schedule your course to work best for your coffee business needs.

Included with your class:

  • Printed Student Manual, Study Guide and Certificate of Completion
  • Free Membership to the Wholesale Student Buying Club ($799.00 Value)
  • Lifetime Alumni Membership and Benefits
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Customer Reviews

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Jamie van Dam
Unexpected clarity and enthusiasm

Really happy to have had the opportunity to study with Michael. He obviously has a depth of experience that is well suited to teaching and helping along the aspiring coffee roaster in me. For that , I will be forever grateful. Michael turned what was an enigma of a subject into a haiku of understanding for me. I will do my best to turn green in gold!