Earl of Coffee Review

The Canadian Barista Institute offers a wide range of services to help their learners understand the world of coffee better. They have in-café trainings and coffee classes for those who want to be able to hone their barista skills. For business owners, they have consulting services that touch on every aspect of opening and running a successful coffee shop. With over 35 years of combined experience, the instructors at Canadian Barista Institute are some of the most established players in the coffee industry. The trainers have also been competitors, facilitators, and even judges at the Canadian Barista championships.

So, imagine getting the training at an affordable price. The Canadian Barista Institute has campuses in three locations across Canada: Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. You don’t have to go elsewhere outside the country to gain that barista knowledge and put on your own coffee shop. Their curriculum is very comprehensive, and you don’t have to finish all the courses to get certified, you can get one course at a time and get a certificate.

Canadian Barista Institute offers an unparalleled learning experience on everything coffee related. Whether you want to become a professional barista or you want to open your own coffee shop, everything that you need to succeed is at Canadian Barista Institute.

Damaris Octoman

Manager of Earl of Coffee

Earl of Coffee
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