2018 Canadian Barista Champion Teaching at the Institute

We are excited to announce a Special Guest Teacher, Cole Torode, from Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary is our Canadian 2018 Barista Champ and is coming to the Vancouver Campus on September 21st to teach and share a course on: 
" Barista Skills, Competition & Coffee Tastings " .

Reserve your spot now with our early bird registration discount or the Alumnus Discount. 

Cole Torode

Learn more here: 

With Cole Torode, 2018 Canadian Barista Champ

Friday, September 21st, 2018 from 9am to 1pm, includes lunch.

Cost: $279 per person

(early bird registration until Sept.17th is $179)

(CBI Alumnus rate is $99 use discount code: cbialumni99cole )

For one day only, Cole will be bringing his extensive expertise to the Barista Academy.

Cole has been behind the bar, in the roastery and travelling the world to directly source coffee for more than a decade now and will share his journey, trials and tribulations from barista to business partner.

For Baristas and Cafe Owners you will want to learn from Cole the step by step method “how to build a barista competition” to excel as a barista or a business owner.

Some of the class time will be lecture, slideshow presentation, tasting, cupping, detailed use of the barista technical scoresheet, all of which will help improve your skills and the cafe you work in, on a day to day basis.

You will also have a deliciously-rare opportunity to taste some of the espresso, cappuccino and signature drinks that Cole served at both the Canadian National Barista Championship and World Barista Championship.

Space is limited, Reserve Now !

Guest Teacher at Barista Academy
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