How to Make Cafe Quality Coffees At Home

It is time to make a change and freshen up your home coffee repertoire.

And no, you don't need to stockpile coffee in your freezer or buy it from the grocery store at 50% off.

To reproduce gourmet-quality coffee at home, similar to high quality coffee shops, all you will need is to follow 3 simple rules:

  1. Buy freshly roasted from a local roasteria. Ask for your coffee to be between 3 and 14 days from the roasted on date.
  2. Only buy from people that print the BIRTH DATE (aka roasted on date) of the coffee on the bag.
  3. And, please DON'T buy anything that has a best before date (aka expiry date), because that is actually what we refer to as a DEATH DATE.

Quality fresh coffee doesn't have to be expensive. There are many reputable roasteries that sell at very reasonable pricing.

For many of you, buying from a high quality artisan coffee roaster will probably be the same cost as the stale coffee you are currently buying. It might actually save you money, especially, if you have been unknowingly paying for stale ‘premium’ coffee or even worse, coffee in capsule or pod form.

So there is your homework- get some fresh beans and discover freshly brewed coffee that is also freshly roasted - not just made at this moment from old stale coffee beans.

How to Make Cafe Quality Coffees At Home
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