Tools Needed to Brew Coffee In Your Own Kitchen


  1. Grinder
  2. Scale
  3. Brewing Device
  4. Kettle
  1. Grinder

The irony is, your grinder should never grind, it should slice the coffee. You will want a burr grinder to have uniformity in size. A Burr Grinder can range from $80 to hundreds of dollars. Most people are familiar with the Whirly Blade Grinder which is for spices, not coffee. The blade grinder gives you random size particles of coffee which will result in random tasting coffee. Burr grinder is a much better option to avoid random sizing.

Otherwise, the best option is to hint to your friends or family that you really could use a Burr Grinder for your birthday or christmas.

Hand grinders often cost as much as Burr Grinders. It might work for brewing for just yourself but not for a group wanting coffee.

  1. Scale

Does your scale have the capability of 0.1 gram resolution? This is ideal, but not necessary. Use your scale to create consistency in taste. 

  1. Brewing Device

Again, don't go out and buy what you cannot afford, let's just figure out a way to make the equipment you have at home work better! If you have a drip brewer, just follow our ratio of 60 grams of ground coffee for 1 Litre of water to start off. Adjust to taste. 

      1. Kettle

        Again, don't go out and buy what you cannot afford. Nothing fancy needed, no special gooseneck kettles, no special handles needed, it's just freaking hot water. You could literally use a pot!

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