Zealous Subculture of Coffee

Today we are looking back on the  historical coffee geek fanatics,  to a time when the specialty coffee association actually meant something. This is a story about people who were in the 3rd wave industry...

"This was a caffeinated crowd, devotees of the perfect home-made espresso, with a thirst for knowledge and an accelerated sense of time."

When people were coffee-crazy and thirsted for perfect cappuccinos, it was a time before espresso machines that costs thousands to have at home...

“Leaders of a zealous subculture, they and about a dozen others had come to hear insights from a master and to share the joys and frustrations of taming high-pressure steam to make the perfect cup. Normally they would meet only at Web sites like wholelattelove.com and coffeegeek.com.”

its a wonderfully written article by Deborah Baldwin that you can enjoy here or here

Zealous Subculture of Coffee
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