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February 28, 2023: "We had the best 2 days Barista Level 1-4 training class! A great blend of theory and incredible amount of hands-on practical training. Jamie is a true Yoda (Star Wars) , source of excellent knowledge and experience about coffee , delivered in a very supportive, energetic, friendly and engaging way. Jamie's passion of sharing his expertise and goal of inspiring us in our journey is indeed admirable! Thankful to Les for putting this very efficient and thorough course content. We can't stress enough how beneficial this learning experience for us in our journey to coffee business. Highly recommended! Thank you Canadian Barista Institute! -Theresa and Jep (CrinkleRockies)"

crinkles cookie and coffee cart

October 22, 2022: "It was a wonderful learning experience provided by Canadian Barista Institute! The instructo

rs Jamie and Les are highly knowledgeable and motivated us towards achieving success building our coffee business and be the best barista! We truly appreciate your support and guidance!"

Crinkles Rockies 
Canmore, AB, Canada


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